We need your help. We’ve been receiving word that some of our “Vote 4 Education” and “Are They 4 Education Signs?” are missing from locations they were previously posted. Many of the comments we’ve been getting are regarding signs around the Tucson area and on Camelback Road in Phoenix. Since none of the signs were removed at our request, we don’t know what has become of them. They might have  blown down or maybe they melted in the Arizona heat. Or maybe someone who doesn’t want us to “Vote 4 Education” has decided to remove them for us. We just don’t know.

It is against Arizona law to remove, tamper with, or cover a political sign, and as we are registered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, that law applies to the “Vote 4 Education” campaign signs too.

So, we are asking you – our Expect More Arizona network – to be our eyes and ears across the state. Please let us know if you notice when one of our signs disappears. Post in the comments section below the location of the missing sign and approximately when you first noticed it missing. Thank you in advance for your help.

Paid for by Expect More Arizona – Vote 4 Education, No on 302 – Protect Early Childhood Health/Development Funds.  Major funding by Expect More Arizona, a fund of the Arizona Community  Foundation.  The Vote 4 Education campaign is funded in its entirety by Helios Education Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation through Expect More Arizona and does not use public funds.