With the recent launch of Expect More Arizona’s “Vote 4 Education” campaign, we have been asked if we will be endorsing candidates during this year’s elections.  The simple answer is “no.” Our primary goal:  make education the hot button issue for every Arizonan during the 2010 election season and encourage them to ask their candidates tough questions about how they plan to make it the state’s priority.

As a non-partisan organization, Expect More Arizona wants to educate voters about the current state of education in Arizona and its impact on our economy and overall quality of life.  By providing education-supportive actions and key questions to consider when selecting candidates, Expect More Arizona seeks to significantly influence voter decisions about initiatives and candidates of any political affiliation who support of education.

A key component of the “Vote 4 Education” effort is to encourage Arizonans to let their candidates know that education is important to them and that they will be considering their positions on education as they decide how to vote.  Surface level responses in support of education won’t do either.  Voters are encouraged to press candidates to provide specific plans and strategies for prioritizing and improving Arizona’s education system, regardless of political party affilliation – making it clear that they will be held accountable more than ever before for their promises.

Expect More Arizona wants to be a resource as you evaluate your candidates and ask them tough questions about education. Our “Vote 4 Education” section provides you with the 4 questions and 4 actions as well as links to other organizations’ rankings, background and voting records of candidates statewide.

You will notice our campaign signs around Arizona that encourage you to “Vote 4 Education” and to ask yourself “Are They 4 Education?” when choosing your candidates.  They are a constant reminder that this is an important election year for education.  It’s time to elect leaders – at all levels of government – who will champion education and view it as the key to Arizona’s long-term prosperity.   That is why, this year, Expect More Arizona is proud to endorse education.

Paid for by Expect More Arizona – Vote 4 Education, No on 302 – Protect Early Childhood Health/Development Funds.  Major funding by Expect More Arizona, a fund of the Arizona Community  Foundation.  The Vote 4 Education campaign is funded in its entirety by Helios Education Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation through Expect More Arizona and does not use public funds.