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Are All Expectations of Students Created Equal?

by Expect More Arizona

The Arizona Republic recently highlighted MetLife’s annual “Survey of the American Teacher.” In the survey results, teachers and principals echo the Expect More Arizona message; the findings show that “Nearly nine in ten teachers (86%) and principals (89%) believe that setting high expectations for all students would have a major impact on improving student achievement.” Simply stated… when you expect more of students, teachers and principals alike believe their students will rise to expectations.

Source: MetLife Survey of the American Teacher 2009

Unfortunately, the survey also shows that not all students are afforded the same level of expectations from their teachers. In fact, teachers in schools with a higher percentage of low-income students tend to set lower expectations.

Source: MetLife Survey of the American Teacher 2009

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 20.8% of Arizona children are living below the poverty level. That percentage is significantly higher in some counties such as La Paz County (41.6%) and Apache County (38.1%). Considering the MetLife survey and the poverty rates in Arizona, do you we run the risk of limiting the abilities of too many students? What can be done to ensure all Arizona students are challenged and presented with opportunities to learn at higher standard?

To view the full MetLife Survey results, click here.

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