An important piece of legislation that will enable high school students to progress to the next grade level once they’ve mastered the required concepts is making its way through the Arizona legislature.  Sponsored by Rep. Rich Crandall (R-Mesa), HB 2731, better known as the “Move on When Ready” bill, has passed the House Education Committee and will considered in the State Legislature. “Move On” is significant because if passed, it will be a step toward raising the bar for academic achievement as recommended by “Tough Choices or Tough Times,” a report from the National Center for Education and the Economy that lays out the framework for reforming the nation’s education system to make the U.S. more globally competitive.

One of the study’s recommendations calls for students to pass board exams showing they are ready for the rigors of postsecondary education, a provision included in the “Move On” bill. “Move On” will empower high school students who choose a rigorous high school curriculum through a Grand Canyon diploma pathway.  Rather than requiring those who have demonstrated their readiness for the next level of education to stay in high school, HB 2731 will let students opt into the Grand Canyon diploma program and take assessment tests to graduate early, enabling them to head to university, trade, technical or community college courses at the next opportunity.

If passed, “Move On” will allow school districts and charter schools to begin offering the Grand Canyon diploma in the 2012-13 academic year. Students who decide on a Grand Canyon diploma course of study can graduate high school as early as the end of their sophomore year, provided they have mastered the necessary math and English concepts for college, as well as for other courses.  HB 2731 provides assistance for students who need help getting through the program to ensure that all who pursue the Grand Canyon diploma are able to master the concepts and graduate by the end of their senior year.  For more information on HB 2731, click here to download.  Let your legislators know where you stand on HB 2371, click here.