As a community who “expects more” for education in Arizona, we want to thank you for your help in our efforts to build a statewide movement.  The responses have been phenomenal . People like you, all over Arizona, are passionate about education and want more for our students and our state. But, one of the questions we get the most is: “Okay, I’m on board. I expect more. Now what?”

You can read more about ways to take action on our Web site, but let’s delve in to a few simple things you can do from the comfort of your computer.

  • Inform yourself and others – We’re operating under a very simple principle here: A more informed Arizona will consistently make better decisions with respect to education. In order to make a change, you need to know what’s going on now, why things are happening this way and who is making critical decisions that impact student success and our long-term economic prosperity. You can find current education-related news articles on the Expect More Web site, our Facebook page, and Twitter posts. Read up on what’s going on and share what you find with your friends. Armed with information, we can make a difference.
  • One Word: Share – We know you’re passionate about education; that’s why you’re here. Help us build a movement of more people like you. Share our networks with your friends: Tell a friend about Expect More, post our Facebook page to your own profile, tweet about us, connect on LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr. If you have any questions about how to share Expect More Arizona with your networks, drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.
  • Communicate! – Look, we have a lot of viewpoints, and so do you. We don’t necessarily need to agree with each other all the time, but we do need to join in the dialogue. Maybe you have an idea we haven’t considered – or vice versa. Expect More Arizona is about building a statewide conversation. Agree? Disagree? A little of both? We want to hear from you. There are plenty of venues to join our conversation. Comment on our blog posts, on our Facebook wall, use @ExpectMoreAZ in a Twitter post. See an article on a news site related to education, post a comment on the article. Together, we’ll build a conversation that leads to some of the best ways to make education a top priority in our state.

Again, there are many more ways we encourage you to get involved listed on our site. These are just a start. What other ways do you actively “Expect More” of Arizona? Post your answer in the comments section below (see, you’re starting already!).