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Build relationships key influencers

Expect More Arizona’s Vice President of Community Engagement – 10 Things to Know

by Expect More Arizona

Erin Eccleston, our vice president of Community Engagement, has been with Expect More Arizona for six years, and has played an vital role in building relationships with key influencers in communities throughout the state. “I truly believe education is the great equalizer for our state and nation. As a first generation college graduate, I personally …

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community support high school

How concerned community members can impact a school

by Bruce Hilby, Camelback High School Community Network

Can a group of concerned citizens make a difference in a neighborhood high school? That’s the question that Social Venture Partners (SVP) asked in 2009. A network of local philanthropists, SVP wanted to pool their resources to aid students in an inner-city high school. They wondered: Could whatever they did be helpful? And could it …

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school counselor

How School Counselors Help Support Student Success

by Expect More Arizona

There’s a lot of talk about the need for more education funding at every level, but what does that really mean? What are the impacts of limited funding? How would significant new investments in education have an impact? What are examples of difficult decisions leaders make with stretched resources, and how does that affect students …

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summer brain drain tips

10 Tips to Help Kids Avoid the Summer Brain Drain

by Expect More Arizona

Arizona is heating up, and you know what that means… summer vacation! While this summer may bring pool parties, barbeques and sunshine, don’t let your child’s learning take a detour. Summer is traditionally a time for fun. Every child looks forward to the last day of school and the impending ice cream trucks, family road …

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Construction Company Promotes STEM Careers

How a Tempe-based construction company is getting students interested in STEM careers

by Fred Bueler, CHASSE Building Team

“But why?” If you’ve ever been around kids you’ve heard this question. Kids are curious by nature. At CHASSE Building Team we strive to answer their “why’s.” With projects happening in nearly a dozen school districts, CHASSE aims to be a great team with the students, staff, and community within our projects. But we go …

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