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Students in Wellton Elementary benefiting from early technology investments

by Lisa Jameson, Wellton Elementary School

In 2015, the admin team at Wellton Elementary School (WES), in rural southwestern Arizona, had prioritized increasing the use of technology in the classroom. Five years ago, our goal was to become a one-to-one school; a school where each student had access to a computer in all classes. We wanted students to leave WES with …

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Music In Our Schools Month

by Nathan Darus, Music Teacher at Douglas High School

March is Music In Our Schools Month and there’s never been a better year to celebrate. Music has intrinsic value that we need now more than ever, especially in our schools. Music in our schools has a bigger impact than most people think. One of the most important is the cross-over skills that music education …

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Disinvestments in early education are hurting children and families

by AzECA, Arizona Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, Expect More Arizona

Now a full year into the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, education at all levels has been impacted; in some ways, it’s forever changed. And the students who are most likely to face the longest-term effects are also the youngest. In recently updated data, the Arizona Education Progress Meter showed a decline of 3% in Quality Early …

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school leaders weigh in on AzM2

School leaders on why statewide assessments matter

by Expect More Arizona

AzM2 (the second version of AzMERIT) testing begins on April 5. And while the last year has been a challenge for both students and educators, administering the statewide test before the school year ends will yield benefits down the road. Here is what some education leaders had to say about this year’s exam: Learn more …

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