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Questions to Ask Elected Leaders & Candidates

We need your help to ensure we have elected officials who are committed to supporting the policies and long-term funding solutions required to ensure every student receives an excellent education every step of the way. Use our online platform to challenge your candidates with questions about education issues that matter most to you.

Download a printable pdf file here.

  • When is the last time you visited a public school in Arizona – district or charter? What about a community college or university campus? A quality early education program? Can you share a challenge or success story from those visits?
  • What questions have you asked of local school leaders or educators?
  • Academic success requires attention to the needs of the whole student. What is your plan to support wrap-around services?
  • What strategies do you support to connect more young children with high quality early learning in preschool and child care? How would you propose using state and federal child care funds to connect more young children with quality early learning in preschool and child care?
  • Arizona’s funding formula was developed 35 years ago – before home computers, cell phones, school choice, etc. Who would you bring to the table for conversations about revising the education funding formula to support the success of all students and ensure Arizona schools are providing a 21st century education?
  • Local bonds and overrides were created to allow school districts to request money above and beyond what is needed to operate successfully, yet many districts now rely on this funding for basic services. How would you ensure the state is doing its most important job of providing general and uniform funding for basic education services?
  • What is your understanding of classroom versus non-classroom spending? Do you believe that current education funding is sufficient? Please explain.
  • How would you ensure the good stewardship of public education dollars, regardless of where they are spent?
  • In general, would you say that the salaries that K-12 teachers receive in Arizona is too high, too low or just about right?
  • In education, you will often hear discussion about student gains (the amount a student has learned or “gained” over a period of time) and student proficiency (whether a student has mastered grade level concepts). While Arizona’s overall proficiency rates remain low, we often hear that Arizona’s students lead the nation in gains based on national assessment data. What investments or policies would you promote to further increase gains and boost proficiency rates to support the success of every student regardless of their background, income or zip code?
  • In order to attract new companies and jobs to Arizona we need both a talented workforce and a strong education system. Talk about the connection you see between early education, K-12 and higher education and where you see the greatest opportunity for change. What policies do you intend to pursue to help drive that change?
  • Approximately 7-of-10 jobs require training or education beyond a high school diploma. Arizona’s ability to increase the number of people with such credentials will, in many ways, shape our future economic viability. What is your plan to improve access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) and higher education and ensure Arizona businesses have access to a skilled talent pool? What ideas do you have to increase state-sponsored financial aid in order to increase access for more Arizonans to postsecondary education opportunities?