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2020 School Board Candidates

Click on your county below to find a list of all the school districts with open governing board seats along with the candidates who ran in November 2020 and the initial election results (as of 11/10/2020). Please Note: only the school districts with contested governing board races appeared on the ballot. In instances were there were enough seats for all the candidates who were running, the school district elections were canceled and qualified governing board candidates were appointed as elected in accordance with A.R.S. §15-424. 

To find the school district you reside in visit the Arizona Clean Elections Commission website, enter your home address, and click on the My District Info tab.

As a voter, you help elect governing board members for the school district in which you live. Board seats are up for election every four years. School district governing boards are responsible for:

  • Hiring the district superintendent
  • Determining curriculum for schools (which stipulates how educators teach the state-determined standards)
  • Determining salaries of employees and creating and enforcing disciplinary policies for teachers and administrators
  • Management of school property and acquisition of equipment and supplies
  • Overseeing the district’s budget

Similarly, there are governing boards for the state’s community college districts. These elected members:

  • Set policy and tuition
  • Hire college presidents
  • Manage the budget and determine how much local residents will support the colleges through taxes