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Arizona Loves Teachers

High-quality teachers are the most important factor to improve student achievement, which is why teacher recruitment and retention, including teacher pay, is a top advocacy priority for Expect More Arizona.

Arizona students would benefit from policies and funding that enable schools to attract, support and retain great teachers and principals. In particular, we support:

  • New funding to increase teacher pay, including advocating for a long-term goal for teacher pay.
  • Opportunities for meaningful professional development, high-quality mentoring and induction programs, and teacher student loan forgiveness programs for Arizona educators.
  • Increased awareness and support of teacher recruitment and retention issues.

Do Your Part!

Arizona’s educators work hard and they deserve our support. Check out the tools and resources on this page to learn more about the issues and find opportunities to get involved.


Tell Teachers They Matter!

We wanted educators across Arizona to know how much they mean to their communities and their students. To do that, we asked people from all over the state to write a note of thanks to a teacher who made a difference in their life. Read some of the notes below: