Vote 4 Education

Strategies to Achieve a World-Class Education

Expect More Arizona’s Long Term Advocacy Priorities

Every child’s education is funded from the early years up to career to produce excellence 

  • Maximize existing resources and increase new funding to support excellence for all children in public schools
  • Support funding that provides equitable opportunity and access for all children in public schools, is a transparent use of taxpayer dollars, and fosters excellence for all 

Every child has access to a great teacher and principal

  • Support programs and policies that lead to increased compensation, opportunities for meaningful professional development, full certification/preparation (content, pedagogy, and field experience), high-quality mentoring/induction, and better working conditions to help Arizona in recruiting and retaining high-quality educators
  • Support efforts to build and support a strong pipeline of highly effective principals, beginning with low-income schools
  • Increase public support for educators to encourage retention in the profession

Every child has access to high quality early learning opportunities to support Kindergarten readiness and literacy development 

  • Support a tool that provides meaningful feedback on a child’s progress in the early grades that is aligned with the Arizona Early Learning Standards and covers all essential domains of school readiness.
  • Increase quality preschool offerings to advance school and literacy readiness

Every 3rd grader is proficient in reading and math 

  • Make more classroom time available for all Arizona children (e.g. full day Kindergarten, summer learning, extended year or day)
  • Make high-quality programs and interventions available to all K-3 students across the state, targeted to those who have the greatest need

Every child graduates from high school prepared for college and career 

  • Ensure Arizona’s academic standards are rigorous, prepare all children for college and career, and are measured with an assessment that is a meaningful indicator of student success
  • Develop Arizona’s A-F accountability framework to be a meaningful and fair measure of school quality for public district and charter schools that includes multiple measures and is transparent for parents and community members
  • Support students in becoming proficient in Algebra I by the 9th grade
  • Advocate for services and interventions to support all students in graduating and college/career ready to support students who are at-risk of dropping out or becoming disconnected

Every child has the opportunity to attain a credential, industry certification, or high-quality degree 

  • Make postsecondary education programs accessible and affordable for Arizona children and families (e.g. state supported financial aid, geographic location of programs)
  • Provide Arizona children multiple pathways to attain a credential, certification or degree that are rigorous, aligned to workforce needs, and allow more children to attain a degree/credential (partnerships with community colleges and universities, JTEDs, CTE programs, and school districts, etc.)