2018 Ballot Measures

This November, voters have the opportunity to weigh in on five statewide ballot measures. To ensure you have the information needed to make an informed decision, we’ve taken the time to prepare background information on two measures that have an impact (direct and indirect) on education.

Proposition 305 – Expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Referendum

Proposition 126 – The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act

What is an Initiative and Referendum

In politics, the terms initiative and referendum refer to processes that allow citizens to vote directly on particular pieces of legislation.

An initiative process allows citizens to propose or initiate a statute or constitutional amendment. Citizens initiating such legislation are known as the measure’s proponents.

The referendum process allows citizens to refer a statute passed by the legislature to the ballot so that voters can enact or repeal the measure. A “yes” vote allows the law to go into effect, whereas a “no” vote essentially constitutes a citizen veto and prevents the bill from going into effect.

Other Ballot Measures

Three additional statewide measures will appear on the November ballot. More information can be found on the Citizens Clean Election Commission’s website or the Arizona Secretary of State’s website.

Proposition 125 – Related to Public Retirement Systems

Proposition 127 – Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment

Proposition 306 – Related to the Citizens Clean Elections Act

Additional Resources and Information

Arizona School Administrators: Ballot Measures Fact Sheet

League of Women Voters: Ballot Measures Guide