Arizona has had academic standards for nearly three decades. The standards set expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level. Arizona currently has academic standards in 13 content areas including math, English language arts, science, educational technology, physical education and world and native languages.

Arizona’s academic standards are focused on ensuring that all students are prepared for success every step of the way and contribute meaningfully to our local communities and economy. Academic standards in Arizona are reviewed approximately every 5-7 years as a part of a continuous improvement process.

School governing boards and charter schools select their own curriculum, textbooks and instructional materials to make sure they are responsive to local needs. Teachers decide how to teach the standards because they know our kids best and can help them succeed. Parents can and should be involved every step of the way with their school boards and with their child’s teachers.

Read Arizona’s Academic Standards in English and Math.


1. Arizona’s academic standards set clear goals for what students should know about each subject at each grade.

Arizona’s high standards help teachers prepare students for the next grade and graduates for success after high school.

3. Arizona’s standards emphasize real learning by students, with more understanding and less memorization.

4. The standards help students become critical thinkers and problem-solvers with strong skills for analysis and communication – the knowledge needed for education beyond high school and for work.

5. Arizona’s standards set high expectations for ALL students.