AzMERIT assessment


Arizona’s students deserve an excellent education every step of the way

Academic standards are what a student needs to know, understand and execute by the end of each grade. Standards are adopted at the state level by the State Board of Education. The curriculum includes the resources used for teaching and how a student learns the standards, which is adopted at a local level by districts and charter schools.

The standards encourage teachers to develop students’ critical-thinking, problem-solving and effective communication skills. These are the skills that employers demand and our students will require to be successful in the workplace. When students can learn and develop critical thinking skills in the classroom, they can contribute significantly to the communities and economy. This also helps create safer neighborhoods, a stronger workforce and higher property values.

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Arizona’s AzM2 Assessment

The AzM2 (version 2 of AzMERIT) assessment measures Arizona’s students’ performance annually. The test results provide students with valuable information about how they are doing in English and math and if they are prepared for the next grade and eventually for college and career.

Students can use the test as an opportunity to check on their progress without the anxiety of needing to pass the assessment to graduate.

These annual assessments of reading, writing and math skills can be effective tools to support a student’s learning. The results can also show parents and teachers if their student is on track to succeed or if they need to spend additional time learning a topic.

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