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Things you can do to show your appreciation

Arizona educators work hard and they deserve our support. With Teacher Appreciation Day and Week approaching, we want teachers to know just how much they are valued and respected.

Below are some suggestions on how you can show your appreciation for a teacher from your past or present, or simply for all teachers. Even a small gesture of gratitude can make a big difference!


Send A Thank You Note














Lend a hand

By stepping up to help in the classroom, during a fieldtrip, or with classroom prep, you can show teachers your support. Don’t forget, teachers are vastly outnumbered in the classroom, so parents who are willing to volunteer mean a lot.

Rewind to teachers past

One of the best ways to show an educator their impact is by keeping in touch. Graduation and career development updates, along with marriage and birth announcements can mean a lot, by showing a teacher how their pupils are succeeding.

Create something

Whether it’s a homemade treat, a handwritten poem or a handmade gift, share something unique and personal and it will certainly be a treasured gift. Find ideas here.

Keep up the momentum

Teaching can be a tough gig. To really make a difference, remember to say “thank you” to teachers throughout the year and recognize the difference they’re making in your community.