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September 2020 Communications

COVID-19 Resources

Check out our tips and tools for families navigating virtual learning this school year, along with resources available for the community and educators and highlights of how organizations and companies are partnering together and innovating to support students. We have videos, guest blogs and a variety of other content, all curated in one place to make life simpler for all of us who are juggling so many things right now: If you know of additional resources that would make a good addition to our site, please email us.

Elevating Teacher Voices

  • My typical day – teaching during COVID
    Lynette Stant. a 3rd grade teacher at Salt River Elementary School, shares details about what her typical day looks like while teaching virtually during a pandemic, along with a her top tips for families. (Share our Facebook post. Share our Tweet.)
  • Just Another Day by Tim Ramsey
    An educator for more than three decades shares about his daily experiences teaching 7th grade writing virtually amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He gave Expect More Arizona permission to publish a few of his journal entries from this year, including this one.
  • Meeting the Needs of English Learners During Distance Learning
    English learners were especially vulnerable during school closures last spring as a result of language barriers with parents or caregivers, lack of technology, access to internet service and more. Educators across the state  shared how they prepared for this school year and put plans in place to ensure students are learning and engaging with the content, however it is being delivered.
  • Getting Educators and Families the Tools They Need to Succeed in a Virtual Learning Environment
    When COVID-19 forced school closures in March 2020, educators were caught off-guard. Many did not feel prepared for the transition to distance learning, since their training had equipped them for working face-to-face with students. Parents were also at a loss as to how to keep their children focused and as a result, many youth missed critical instruction. With the majority of districts starting this academic year in a virtual learning environment, learn how schools and educators prepared and adapted to ensure all students succeed.

Guest Blogs

  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    Every year, we have the opportunity to honor Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. It is a perfect time to celebrate the history, contributions and culture of American citizens whose ancestors came from Latin American countries. (Share our Facebook post. Share our Tweet).
  • Community Colleges a Vital Part of Arizona’s Education Landscape
    In Arizona today, community colleges are helping more than 300,000 students prepare for the future. Whether they’re in career training programs or academic courses on the way to a university, these community mainstays are a critical part of the state’s educational and economic infrastructure. Learn more about how Coconino Community College is serving the Northern Arizona community and how they (and all community colleges) need your help to continue to support students and a highly trained workforce. (Share on Facebook. Share our Tweet.)

Vote 4 Education Webinar Series

Arizona students and educators are counting on voters to study up on the issues and show up for the November election. Many of the topics weighing on the minds of voters have a significant impact on students and classrooms, include the ongoing pandemic, social injustice, and more. Expect More Arizona is pleased to host a series of webinars focused on How Your Vote Makes a Difference in Education.

Bonds & Overrides Our first virtual event is on September 30 at 3:30 p.m. and will explore the nuts and bolts of bonds and overrides – what they are, how they are developed, who campaigns for them, how the campaigns are funded, and more. Learn more and register:

Upcoming Webinar Topics:

  • How Your Vote Impacts Early Childhood Education
  • What’s at Stake for Postsecondary Education this Election?

Please help us share these virtual events with your networks. You can share the Facebook event, forward the information and registration link via email or post on any of your social media platforms! 

New Voter Resources

We have a complete list of Bonds & Override Elections that will be on the 2020 ballot, as well as a list of all the School District Governing Board candidates and Community College Governing Board candidates by county along with contact information on our Vote 4 Education webpages.