Resources for Parents, Educators, Schools and Districts

We have a variety of resources and collateral material available for teachers, schools and districts to use at parent-focused events, such as Back to School Nights, Family Nights, Curriculum Nights and/or Parent Teacher Conferences. For information about co-branding and ordering large quantities of these materials, email

Tools for Parents

  • Third Grade ThumbnailGrade by Grade Guides for Parents – These one-page guides provide parents an overview of the key things their child will be learning in each grade (kindergarten through high school), aligned with Arizona’s current education standards. Each grade sheet offers helpful activities parents can do at home to reinforce what students are learning during the school day. This is a great tool for parents and is provided in Spanish and English.
  • Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher – This simple, postcard-size document offers questions parents might ask to begin a conversation with their child’s teacher. Great for parent-teacher conferences and is provided in Spanish and English.
  • AzMERIT Fact Sheet – This fact sheet answers the most common questions heard from parents during AzMERIT testing this past spring. Provided in Spanish and English, this is a great piece to review with parents during parent/teacher conferences or as part of a presentation to parents at the start of school.
  • Parent Guide to Your Child’s Test Results – This handout helps parents understand AzMERIT test results and what their child’s scores mean. Provided in Spanish and English, this is a great piece to review with parents during parent/teacher conferences or as part of a presentation to parents at the start of school.
  • Why School Attendance Matters – a one-page infographic to help parents understand why too many absences (excused or unexcused) can keep students from succeeding in school and in life. This document if provided in Spanish and English.

College & Career Planning Resources

  • – Online career exploration and planning tool that can be used to assist students in their PRECAPs. This Third Grade Thumbnailonline application will allow students to revisit their plans throughout their academic career to update accomplishments, make necessary changes, and to keep themselves on track.
  • Create Your Next Promotion Cards for Students This postcard-size piece is a great way for educators and parents to direct students to and provides students with some simple instructions for utilizing the tool.
  • College & Career Planning – Parent Checklist – This tool is a great accompaniment to the College & Career Planning Guide. Parents are encouraged to use the checklist to help their child on his/her path to education or training after high school. This resource is available in Spanish and English.
  • How to Pay for College – This handout provides parents, caregivers and students with eight tips on paying for college. It is provided in Spanish and English. 
  • FAFSA Quick Guide – A one-page flyer with information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with key dates and deadlines. This resource is provided in Spanish and English.

Vote 4 Education Collateral 

  • What Are Bonds & Overrides? – This simple flier provides easy-to-understand information for parents and other community members about bonds and overrides and why they are important. Provided in Spanish and English.
  • Your Vote Matters Infographic – This one-page infographic provides a visual depiction about who makes educational decisions in Arizona and how voter can impact education. Provided in English and Spanish.
  • Voter Guide – This brochure includes information for voters to learn more about education issues and provides questions that they can ask their elected leaders and/or candidates to better understand where they stand on critical education topics. Available in both English and Spanish.