Universities and Community College Updates

Last updated 11/20/2020

Arizona State University: ASU resumed on-campus, in-person classes on Aug. 20, 2020. The University offers courses in a variety of learning environments to accommodate students’ needs depending on location or circumstance as a result of COVID-19. For the majority of classes, immersion (on-campus) students will have access to the three learning environments (ASU immersion, ASU Sync, or iCourses). Many classes will include a blend of in-person and ASU Sync experiences. Some labs, clinical experiences and fine arts courses that do not lend themselves to remote instruction will only be available through on-campus, in-person instruction.

These class formats will continue with the spring 2021 semester. For spring 2021, classes with capacity of 115 or more students have either been moved to ASU Sync only (this is reflected in a student’s class list in My ASU as “ASU Sync only”) or will have enrollment reduced by adding additional sections to help further reduce density in classrooms.

Sept. 14 update: Session C will now end on Friday, Dec. 4. The final-exam week originally scheduled Dec. 7–12 will not take place. All instruction after the Thanksgiving break will be remote. Final exams, where applicable, should be held on the last day of class during the week of Nov. 30. Session B will conclude on Dec. 4 as originally scheduled.

Fall 2020 commencement: Current health circumstances will not permit ASU to host in-person commencement ceremonies in December. The fall 2020 university commencement ceremony and special-interest convocations scheduled for the week of Dec. 14 will be converted to a virtual format. More information will be available soon at graduation.asu.edu.

Northern Arizona University: Classes began on Aug. 12 for all students—Flagstaff, statewide, and online—and will wrap up by Thanksgiving. Flagstaff and statewide campuses offers classes in-person and through NAUFlex. Learn more: nau.edu/jacks-are-back.

Spring 2021 Semester

    • Jan. 11: Spring 2021 classes begin.
    • Jan. 11-22: NAUFlex remote delivery will be the primary method of instruction for the first two weeks.
    • Jan. 10-24: Move-in begins. University Housing will send detailed information and instructions for moving back and the required testing.
    • Jan. 25: In-person instruction, coupled with ongoing NAUFlex delivery, begins.
    • April 29: Classes end, allowing for an early start to summer.

University of Arizona:

  • Week of 11/16: Stage 2 – In-Person and flex in-person classes of under 50 continue to meet on campus.
  • All classes and final exams will finish online after Thanksgiving Break.
  • More info: covid19.arizona.edu/updates.

Course registration for the Spring Semester began November 9, and the university will continue to offer four course formats: in-person, flex in-person, live online, and iCourses. For courses with in-person components, they anticipate starting the semester in Stage 2, described below, based on the most current data trends and continued consultation with our public health experts, epidemiologists, and campus community.

They also will have an enhanced Test, Trace, and Treat protocol in place for spring to support the health of the Wildcat community, including a requirement that all students coming on campus for in-person classes will be tested for coronavirus. Per CDC guidance, students who have received a positive antigen, PCR, or antibody test within 90 days of the start of the spring semester will not be required to retest but must provide documentation.

Adjusted reentry stage classifications and ramp-up for spring are:

Stage 1: In-person instruction limited to classes designated as essential in-person.

Stage 2: In-person instruction expanded to include in-person and flex in-person classes with projected classroom capacities of no more than 50 people. The attendance schedule will be designed so that no more than 50 people (including instructors and course assistants) will be present in person at each meeting time.

Stage 3: In-person instruction expanded to include In-person and flex in-person classes with projected classroom capacities of up to 100 people. The attendance schedule will be designed so that no more than 100 people (including instructors and course assistants) will be present in person at each meeting time.

Classes with attendance of more than 100 people will be delivered remotely in either the live online or iCourse format for the entire semester. Learn more from the Office of the Registrar.

Arizona Western College: Classes for Fall Semester will begin as planned on Monday, August 17, 2020. 12-week session will start Monday, September 14; 8-week session will start Monday, October 12.  Classes will be offered in four formats this Fall to maximize the opportunity to keep the college community safe while still offering access to higher educational programs. Faculty and student choice are emphasized in these formats. Students will have an extended 2-week drop/add period. Residence Life will be at half occupancy, per CDC guidelines, for the Fall 2020 semester. All student rooms will be singles, and two students will share a bathroom. All students will pay the double-occupancy (lower) rate. Students will not have access to the common areas (lobbies, game rooms). No guests (daytime or overnight) will be permitted. Learn more: azwestern.edu/COVID

Cochise College: starting May 18, Cochise College hours of operation will be Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to make appointments, and college services can be provided via email, phone, ZOOM, or face-to-face. Social distancing will be observed on college campuses. Summer 2020 classes will be online only. Registration for summer classes is going on now with classes starting on May 26. Fall registration begins on June 8. For more information, please visit cochise.edu.

Coconino Community College: The College will offer Remote Delivery courses, with only a few exceptions for in-person interaction. Students will have a choice among Videoconferencing (Zoom only), Online and Hybrid (Canvas/Zoom, plus in-person labs). Every method of delivery will include regular and meaningful interaction with faculty, but it will be through different means. All three CCC sites will remain open for business purposes and for students to use the computer labs, participate in the loaner laptop program and have access Wi-Fi if they have no other way to access their education. Learn more: coconino.edu/coronavirus

Diné College: Summer classes will be delivered online. Registration is open and classes started on May 26. Learn more:               dinecollege.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Summer-2020-Course-Schedule-May-26.pdf.

Eastern Arizona College: Faculty returns on Aug. 17 and students begin in-person classes on Aug. 24. Learn more: eac.edu/safety. EAC also announced the establishment of the COVID-19 Emergency Aid Grant to help students who are financially impacted as result of the global pandemic. This grant pertains to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act that was signed into law on March 27 and includes grants for college and university students across the nation. This funding is intended to help students weather the storm and continue pursuing their academic goals. EAC’s Financial Aid Department will review applications to determine eligibility and award grants in the amount of $600 to qualifying students. Learn more: eac.edu/safety/CARES/caresapp.pdf.

Embry Riddle: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reopen the institution’s residential campuses in Florida and Arizona for face-to-face classes on June 30. Learn more: news.erau.edu/headlines/embry-riddle-aeronautical-university-to-resume-face-to-face-instruction-on-june-30.

Gila Community College : Both online and in person classes are scheduled to begin on or around June 1, 2020. Registration is now open. For the fall semester, both online and in person classes are scheduled to begin on or around August 24, 2020. Registration is now open. Learn more: classsearch.eac.edu.

Grand Canyon University: all summer classes have been moved online and in-person summer camps have been cancelled. The university is still finalizing plans to re-open again for the fall 2020 semester. Learn more: gcu.edu/coronavirus-disease-2019-information.

Maricopa Community Colleges: All Summer 2020 courses will be conducted in an online or remote education format. All facilities are closed for in-person services, classes, and activities, including athletic games and practices, theatre productions, commencement and convocation ceremonies, and other engagements/events. Decisions regarding the format of Fall 2020 classes remain undecided. Learn more: maricopa.edu/coronavirus-covid-19

Northland Pioneer College: NPC summer classes start June 1 and are being offered online through July 24. Registration is open now. Registration for fall classes begins June 1, but there is no information about whether class will be online, in person or both yet. Learn more: npc.edu. Career Fairs,

NPC Career Services: video presentations about career opportunities from various employers who attended the virtual career fair. New videos will be added through the summer. Learn more: npc.edu/career-fair.

Pima Community College: Pima has transitioned to virtual learning and virtual student services and all buildings remain closed to students and the public. Pima’s Fall schedule includes a blend of online, using Pima’s dedicated PimaOnline platforms; virtual, which uses a variety of teaching techniques using the Internet and other tools; and hybrid, which combines in-person and online instruction. Fall registration began on May 23. Learn more: pima.edu/news/coronavirus/index.html.

Prescott College: Prescott College will pivot to a “block schedule” for our on-campus students beginning August 25 and is offeruing a blended block/traditional academic semester through its online degree programs. Learn more: prescottcollege.lpages.co/new-block-schedule-2.

University of Phoenix: UOPX announced the temporary closure of its campuses and continuation of instruction of campus-based courses using a virtual format for course sessions starting and occurring through August 30, 2020. Learn more: phoenix.edu/news/covid19.html.

Yavapai College: All summer semester courses will be online. Summer classes begin on June 1, 2020. Several student services and academic advising are available online. All in person College events are cancelled until further notice and public events scheduled at YC locations are cancelled. Future events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Learn more: yc.edu/v6/college-police/covid-19