Eighth Grade Math

The percent of Arizona 8th grade students who are prepared to be successful in high school math.


Arizona Department of Education, 2018 AzMERIT results.

Included in this number

Eighth grade students in public schools who took an AzMERIT math tests: including the general 8th grade math exam, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Some eighth grades students may be included multiple times depending on the number of tests taken.

Not included in this number

  • Students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  • Students in private schools.

In Brief

AzMERIT for 2017-18 data is downloaded from the Arizona Department of Education’s Accountability & Research website. County-level totals are filtered to show scores for students enrolled in eighth grade who took any math assessment. Students with scores in performance levels 3 and 4 (Proficient and Highly Proficient) are considered to have passed this assessment. The ADE report breaks down these scores by county and several demographic characteristics. To protect student privacy, ADE does not report cell counts that represent ten or fewer students. Also to protect privacy, all cells either zero of one percent are grouped together and reported as “<2.”

Detailed Methodology

This is a direct download from the Department of Education’s Accountability & Research website.

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