You hold the key to unlocking the global stage for our students.

Arizona’s students are in a race for the best jobs and quality of life. Don’t let them fall behind.

Arizona’s leaders are faced with an unprecedented challenge. In a difficult economic climate, we must conserve spending while still supporting important programs that benefit Arizonans and help improve our economic future and quality of life.

The success of Arizona and its students’ ability to compete in a knowledge-based global economy is dependent upon the quality of education in our state. Although there are many successes in Arizona, our students are falling behind their national and international peers in academic performance, high school graduation rates and postsecondary completion.

Strengthening education in our state requires cooperation and leadership at all levels. As a policymaker, you have the ability to make education the priority it should be in Arizona. Your leadership in crafting policies and dedicating necessary resources will contribute to the success of our students and better position Arizona to attract the type of businesses and workforce talent that will provide greater economic rewards statewide.

68% of all jobs in Arizona

will require postsecondary education or training by 2020

37% of Arizona’s adults

(ages 25-64) have an associate’s degree or greater

25% of Arizona students

do not graduate from high school with their class

72% of 4th & 8th graders

are not proficient in reading

49th Arizona’s ranking

in the percentage of children going to preschool

What’s the Solution

There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Working statewide in a nonpartisan manner, Expect More Arizona is uniquely positioned to serve as the vital center of an expanded, invigorated community of individuals who believe education is the key to Arizona’s future. As we pursue our goal of promoting an education-first culture, we are raising grassroots awareness about the need to expect more, empowering individuals and organizations to make a difference, and impacting both how education is perceived and supported by Arizonans.

Regardless of where you stand on Arizona’s academic performance or investment in education, there’s no question that we need to do everything possible to ensure our students are graduating with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete, contribute and succeed in the 21st Century.

It will take all of us working together to achieve the kind of transformational change that will open the door to opportunities for every student and ensure a highly skilled workforce far into the future

Take pride in Arizona.

  • There are many perspectives about the current issues and opportunities related to education in Arizona today. Take time to understand the various viewpoints, make informed decisions, and keep the best interests of Arizona students in the forefront. Our students must be able to compete, contribute, and succeed in Arizona and the 21st Century.

  • In order to keep up with their national and international peers, Arizona’s students must be exposed to more rigorous and more relevant curriculum. We must challenge them to meet increased achievement standards, graduate high school and go on to succeed in postsecondary education. You are an important force in moving Arizona in this direction.

  • As new education-related programs and policies are introduced for your consideration, ask yourself if they are in the best interest of Arizona’s students and their long-term success. Support policies that will most effectively help raise the bar and move Arizona students closer to being prepared to succeed in life.

  • Arizona is ranked 49th in the nation for per student investment in K-12 education. We need sufficient funding to ensure every child can read and has the early learning opportunities that set him or her on a path to success; keep a high-quality, well supported teacher in every classroom; achieve high expectations and high standards for all students; and make higher education and career training accessible for all students.

  • Lending your voice and leadership in support of education can be a powerful influence in our state. By signing up to Join the Movement, you are pledging your support for every Arizona student and acknowledging that education must be our state’s top priority. You will also receive information from Expect More Arizona about current trends and issues that affect students and educators in Arizona.

Be inspired. Be vigilant. Be a difference-maker.

You are in a leadership position and have been trusted with making decisions that are best for Arizona and our future. You know where Arizona ranks in education and you also know you’re not happy about it. By using your influence for good, you can shape policy that will raise Arizona to the ranks of the best in the world. Will you be remembered as the person in charge when Arizona’s education became world-class?


You only get one Today. Do something simple to ensure your children are successful in school and in life.

Do Something Today

Stay Informed about Education in Arizona

There are many perspectives about the current issues and opportunities related to education in Arizona today. Take time to understand the various viewpoints, make informed decisions, and keep the best interests of Arizona students in the forefront. Our students must be able to compete, contribute, and succeed in Arizona and the 21st Century.

Read Education News

Vote 4

Expect More Arizona’s year-round voter engagement initiative, encouraging Arizonans to vote, and to make education a priority when they do!

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There are great things happening in classrooms and communities throughout Arizona. The Expect More Excellence Tour spotlights what Arizonans are doing today to make progress toward world-class education, and celebrates the kind of excellence we expect and believe must be available to all students.

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Jesus Rubalcava

“A world-class education and the choices we make today will affect our children and grandchildren tomorrow. We must commit to handing down a safe, healthy and prosperous world to our future generations.”

Jesus Rubalcava
Gila Bend USD #24 Board Member; ASBA President Elect; HNAIC Hispanic Vice-Chair; NSBA NHC Vice-Chair

Resources for policymakers

Discover new ways to elevate education at each step of the journey.

Setting high expectations, watching students soar.

Like you, Expect More Arizona is committed to the academic success of every student. Expect More Arizona has a variety of resources and collateral material available for teachers, schools and districts to use at parent-focused events, such as Back to School Nights, Family Nights, Curriculum Nights and Parent Teacher Conferences.

Resources include grade-level guides that provide an overview of what children should know and be able to do by the end of each grade, and how parents can support learning at home; college and career planning guides and parent checklists, questions to kick start the conversation in parent-teacher conferences, and more.

In addition, Expect More Arizona team members are available to present to educators, parents or community partners. Trained outreach specialists are located throughout the state and can present at back to school nights, curriculum nights, to PTA or PTO groups, or to community partners free of charge. Presentation topics range from Parent Engagement, Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards, Early Literacy, and College & Career Planning.


College & Career Planning Guide

As an educator, you have the opportunity to help students prioritize their activities and work toward specific educational and career milestones that will set them up for success in life.

In partnership with Arizona GEAR UP and Northern Arizona University, Expect More Arizona works with parents and students to create a college-going culture in communities throughout Arizona, with a focus on low-income and rural communities. Available resources include Create Your Next, an interactive web app where students can explore careers and stay on track from 8th grade through high school. In addition, a printed College and Career Planning Guide and an accompanying Parent Checklist are available through Expect More Arizona. Both Create Your Next and the printed guide are designed for kids and makes the process of setting goals, learning about higher education and following through on tasks fun and rewarding.


Arizona children deserve a world-class education that prepares them for the future.

Our state’s students deserve a world-class system that prepares them for college, career and life. Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards provide the foundation for students to succeed. The new AzMERIT assessment will help parents and teachers know that their kids are on track.

Learn more about how high academic expectations can help your child to be better prepared and find the resources you need to support your students’ success.

Making Progress Together

265 organizations

are partnering with us to make education a top priority in Arizona

80 thousand

supporters of the movement for world-class education in Arizona

96 percent

of Arizonans believe all kids deserve a world-class education

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