Expect More Arizona Partner Survey

Expect More Arizona New Partner

Thank you again for signing on to be an Expect More Arizona World-Class Education Partner!
To help us better understand your education priorities and interests, we kindly ask that you fill out this short survey. If you’re interested in reading more about our advocacy priorities, please visit: ExpectMoreArizona.org/takeaction.
Thank you and we look forward to working together to build the movement for world-class education for every Arizona child!

We are committed to championing the following priorities in collaboration with our partners to ensure all children receive a world-class education, early years through college and career. A world-class education is one in which regardless of background, income or zip code:
Every child’s education is funded from the early years up to career to produce excellence
Every child has access to a great teacher and principal
Every child has access to high quality early learning opportunities
Every 3rd grader is proficient in reading and math
Every child graduates from high school prepared for college and career
Every child has the opportunity to attain a high-quality degree, credential or industry certification
1. We know there are many important issues that we are all working on. If you had to prioritize these issues, how would you rank them in terms of their importance to improving education in Arizona 
(1 = highest priority, 6 = lowest priority – choose each option only once).


2. Of these issues, which is the most important to YOUR ORGANIZATION? Please rank in order of importance (1 = highest priority, 6 = lowest priority – choose each option only once).

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