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A shared vision for an excellent education for all

Every student deserves an excellent education, every step of the way. Realizing this vision is vital to our state’s economic prosperity, quality of life and civic health. We must close the achievement gap that leaves so many students behind, increase educational attainment overall and prepare a highly skilled workforce.

In Arizona, we are fortunate to have many bright spots and countless dedicated educators. But they can’t do it alone. Everyone has a role to play. The purpose of the Arizona Education Progress Meter is to unite people around a shared vision for where we agree we should be as a state, and allow us to measure progress, celebrate successes and take action together.

Expect More Arizona and its growing network of partners are committed to measuring progress in the following eight areas:

  • Attainment
  • Post High School Enrollment
  • Opportunity Youth
  • High School Graduation
  • 8th Grade Math
  • 3rd Grade Reading
  • Quality Early Learning
  • Teacher Pay

Become a champion for Arizona education.

Achieving a world-class education system requires leadership, high expectations, strategic investments and the willingness of everyone to work together to achieve a shared vision. Become a partner today. Commit to making education a top priority and to taking action to support teachers and students in our communities.

“World-class education can be achieved through direct involvement of not only educators, but of everyone willing to make a difference in order for every student to attain educational success!”

Former Mayor Danny Ortega, Jr.
City of Douglas

Our Partners

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