Expect More Arizona champions an excellent education for every Arizona child, every step of the way. To ensure we’re accomplishing this shared vision, we advocate for policies and long-term funding strategies that advance the Arizona Education Progress Meter and achieve the meaningful goals set for each indicator by the dedicated partners that crafted them.

We will constantly be evaluating pending legislation and may take action on issues aligned with our long-term advocacy agenda.

 This year, we are focused on supporting the following:
  • Promoting policies that assist in early identification of students falling behind in math. (Goal: 8th Grade Math)
  • Supporting reinvestment in Arizona’s community colleges (Goal: Attainment)
  • Supporting continued progress toward the state funding 50 percent of the costs for Arizona students to attend a state university. (Goal: Attainment)
  • Providing salary incentives for teachers to complete and maintain research-based credentials proven to lead to improvements in student achievement (e.g. NBCT scholarship fees, release time, annual stipend for the life of the certification) (Goal: Teacher Pay)
  • Providing salary increases for teachers serving in schools with high concentrations of poverty, rural schools, or in hard to staff subjects (math, science, and special education) (Goal: Teacher Pay)
  • Targeting policy changes and services to support those groups of children who most need to close the achievement/opportunity gap, including but not limited to those students with special needs and English Language Learners. (Goals: 3rd Grade Reading, 8th Grade Math)
We oppose:
  • Opt-out or other testing bills that would undermine the ability to have access to data at the state or Local Education Agency level.
  • Bills on school data that would limit access to data at the state or Local Education Agency level.
  • Legislation that would completely eliminate or reduce the compulsory attendance age.


For Expect More Arizona’s complete 2018 long-term advocacy agenda, click here.