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Phoenix, AZ | Submitted by Marlys Weaver-Stoesz

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Maricopa County Education Service Agency’s free STEM Pro Live! webcasts are getting students excited about STEM and helping students see themselves as scientists.

During each STEM Pro Live!, a local STEM professional shares about his or her work, education, and love of STEM, with students able to ask the STEM professional questions during the last part of the broadcast. Thousands of students have tuned in to the broadcast from across Arizona and even from California and Hawaii.

These real life scientists and engineers are shattering stereotypes students may have about who STEM professionals are and what they do.

This monthly 30-minute broadcast can have lasting results. The more students are able to see themselves as scientists now, the more likely they are to pursue a career in STEM later. That’s something Arizona desperately needs.

More than half of Arizona’s high school graduates are not eligible to attend a university and Arizona students test far lower in math and science than their peers across the country. Many Arizona graduates are unable to compete in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in the national arena, ultimately giving up local –and national— innovative and high-paying jobs in these fields to graduates from other states and countries.

Launched in November, STEM Pro Live! has so far introduced students to a local sustainability scientist who has a nearly self-sufficient “Tiny House,” the creator and owner of a local software company, and a car company that creates custom-designed and built vehicles and has 3D printed a fully-functional car.

Students’ questions have poured in during every STEM Pro Live! questions-and-answer time, showing just how hungry students are to learn more about the cutting-edge work local STEM professionals are doing right here in Maricopa County. The momentum behind STEM Pro Live! is only continuing to grow, as MCESA creates more STEM partnerships and develops new ways to advance STEM Pro Live!’s mission.

Check out past STEM Pro Live! broadcasts on MCESA’s website ( and sign up to receive information about our upcoming episodes!

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