Glassford Hill Students Are Stalking Success

Prescott Valley, AZ | Submitted by Dr. Terri Matteson

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Glassford Hill Middle School embraces a mindset of creating an environment of high expectations for both teachers and students. Our mission statement Growth, Harmony, Maturity, Self-discipline; Stalking Success – Every Student, Every Day plays a critical role in that environment. Our teachers are passionate about teaching and learning and share that passion with their students. Teachers and community members work in partnership to provide opportunities for our students to explore a variety of careers and to identify how the skills they are learning in their academic core classes apply to those careers.
Glassford Hill is a GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) school in partnership with Northern Arizona University. This partnership has provided Glassford Hill Middle School with resources that support our environment of high expectations. GEAR UP has arranged for multiple career assemblies including one dedicated to health professions. Additionally, we offer a variety of electives that allow students to explore careers and the technology needed to be successful in those careers through our Paxton/Patterson action labs with an engineering and design focus.
Glassford Hill has several after school programs including our Science Olympiad team. Glassford Hill students participated in the Northern Arizona Invitational in October, hosted at Glassford Hill. The Science Olympiad team competes in 23 math and science events from Anatomy, Astronomy, Rocks & Mineral identification and Water Quality to engineering events like Mousetrap Vehicles and Rotor Egg Drop. President Obama identified Science Olympiad as one of the premier national STEM programs. The Glassford Hill team will compete at both regional and state competitions in 2013.
Glassford Hill also provides students the opportunity to participate in the Catalina Environmental Education program where eighth grade students travel to Catalina Island in California for environmental education. We currently host a Zoo Night at the Phoenix Zoo for our seventh grade students and have two community events; Astronomy Night in October and Science/Math Fun Night scheduled for February. The Astronomy Night was held in conjunction with our parent teacher conferences and sponsored by the local amateur astronomy club. The math and science teachers at Glassford Hill created a scavenger hunt that used the campus map with an overlay of a star map. At designated star sites on the map, a math problem was posted that students and parents solved together. Following the map led students and parents to the telescopes located outside. Our February Math/Science Fun Night will offer hands on math and science activities for students and their parents along with a variety of local resources for summer activities.
Glassford Hill offers enrichment seminars. These enrichment classes are part of our I Choose model in which students are allowed to select an enrichment seminar or be assigned, based on needs identified through district assessments, to a skills intervention seminar for Math or Language Arts. Our focus on student achievement addresses the needs of all our students, those who need intervention and those who are seeking enrichment. We truly are stalking succes – every student, every day.

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