About the Tour

Arizona students need and deserve a world-class education, one that prepares them to succeed in college, career and life. To ensure a strong economic future for Arizona and a higher quality of life for everyone, we have to make education a top priority in our state.

A world-class education system is one in which all children, regardless of their background, income, or zip code, are able to:

  • Access high-quality early learning that prepares him/her for Kindergarten
  • Read proficiently by the 3rd grade
  • Graduate from high school ready for college and career
  • Attain a college degree and/or certificate or industry credential

Countless students, educators, parents and communities are already working to raise the bar. The Expect More Excellence Tour spotlights what everyday heroes in Arizona are doing today to make progress toward world-class education for all children. Highlighting examples of excellence statewide supports Expect More Arizona’s efforts to create a high-expectations culture, where schools and educators are celebrated and supported and students achieve great results.

Get on board and help us recognize those members of our community who are reaching for this standard of excellence.