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All Arizona students deserve a world-class education. In order to get there, we are advocating for the following priorities in 2014.

2014 Advocacy Priorities

Keep Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards in Arizona Classrooms

Far too few Arizona high school graduates are ready for college or a career. Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards raise the bar for what our students need to know and be able to do. They are designed to help all students to be prepared for college and career. They are benchmarked against top performing states and nations and will prepare Arizona students to compete with their peers from around the world for the best jobs. We will be working this year to ensure these standards stay in Arizona classrooms; any change would mean significant disruption to the good work already being done by Arizona educators.

Fund a College and Career Ready Assessment

There’s no question that AIMS sets the bar too low. And with the implementation of new standards, AIMS is now outdated and doesn’t align with what’s being taught in Arizona classrooms. We will be working this year to ensure the legislature provides funding for a new assessment that will replace AIMS. The new assessment should align with the new standards, tell students if they are on track for college and career, and measure critical thinking and problem solving skills – all things that AIMS can’t do today.

Ensure Arizona has an Education Data System to Support Teaching and Learning

Good data can help students succeed and improve student learning, but teachers across the state don’t have regular access to it, especially those in small and rural districts. It is important that all Arizona educators get access to academic data to see where their students might need help, or where they might be ready to learn even more. This year we will support funding for a new data system for education in Arizona to ensure that all Arizona schools have these kind of capabilities. Learn more.

Ensure Funding Continues to Support Early Literacy

A strong foundation for a world-class education begins with early literacy, but far too many kids in Arizona are not proficient in reading by the end of 3rd grade, which is one of the strongest predictors of students’ future school success. This year, we will be working to ensure that funding continues in the state budget to support early literacy in grades K-3. This is especially important with the implementation of Move on When Reading, Arizona’s third grade retention law, which will for the first time in 2014 retain students in third grade who score “Falls Far Below” on the AIMS reading test. Learn more.

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