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Thank you for being an education champion! We appreciate your willingness to share our communications with your personal and/or professional networks to help and to be a megaphone for education issues. Each month, we will be providing a variety of tools – from sample social media posts, blog content, newsletter articles, talking points, and other resources – on a specific topic for you to repurpose and share throughout the month.

Expect More Arizona is made up of a passionate team of 12 individuals from across the state – students, former educators, parents, grandparents – who, like you, are committed to improving education because we believe education unlocks the potential of communities and individuals – regardless of ethnicity, income level or zip code. However, we can’t do it alone! It will take all of us, working together, to ensure every student receives an excellent education, every step of the way.

Let’s transform education statewide, together!

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Roadmap for P-20 Education Funding

Expect More Excellence Tour

We believe it is possible for every student to receive an excellent education every step of the way. In order to get there, it is important to identify the programs and initiatives we know are working so they can be celebrated, and potentially replicated. Below our our Excellence Tour stories from last month. Support Arizona’s students and teachers by helping us share these and other examples of excellence.  Remember to use #AZProgress with all your social shares.

rural preschool Middle School Girls STEM
Rural youth benefiting from new preschool in Vernon Why Girls Taking Up Space is sending Arizona youth to space camp
juvenile detention center education Community College Preparing Workforce
Prescott Lakes Parkway School helping youth in need How Pima Community College is preparing students for the workforce of the future


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