Third grade students in Prescott are already reading above the state average level. Knowing this, and examining countless other data points, helped the team at Read On Prescott to better understand where they are and where they need to go to create success in both their schools and their community.

Read On Prescott is a local chapter of the statewide initiative aimed at supporting literacy, particularly for youth aged 8 and under. More specifically, the Prescott group has one goal: raise reading achievement for all third graders in the Prescott area by creating awareness about the importance of literacy and providing literacy resources for families.

By aligning their vision to the Arizona Education Progress Meter, Read On Prescott working toward the same goals as many other nonprofit, civic and school groups throughout the state. The Progress Meter is an ongoing source of data for the team at Read On Prescott, and its focus will also help to inform local discussions. But because youth in Prescott are already performing above the state average, the group aimed to reach the reading proficiency goal three years early – in 2027. By then, 72 percent of third graders should be proficient or highly proficient on the English language arts portion of AzMERIT.

To do this, the group is employing a myriad of strategies.

  • The team is working with the city council to emphasize the importance of literacy. The city has already declared September as local literacy month and council member are participating in educational sessions and other activities.
  • Raising A Reader, an evidence-based early literacy and parent engagement program is being driven by the Prescott Public Library and Read On Prescott is supporting that effort through strategic counsel and other means.
  • Read On Prescott is creating a website and Facebook page to share best practices, family reading tips, vital statistics and other items of local interest. They’ll even include statements from local celebrities and influencers about reading, books and more.

The efforts so far have resulted in many diverse stakeholders coming together to support the issue, many of whom had been working in separate silos but will now have the opportunity to multiply their impact by working together toward a common goal.

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