Expect More Arizona recently launched a new online tool, in partnership with the Center for the Future of Arizona, to help parents, educators and stakeholders understand how Arizona’s educational system is performing. The Arizona Education Progress Meter is a simple visualization of a path to creating a world-class education for all Arizona students. There are eight key metrics highlighted, including college degree attainment, median teacher pay and preschool enrollment. 

Arizona Education Progress Meter To be able to share school-level data from the Progress Meter with parents and others, we partnered with the Education Evaluator, a public school map which provides an easy, transparent way to research and compare schools across the state. Users can view enrollment information, student achievement data and school specific information for all of Arizona’s public schools — district and charter. Through the Education Evaluator search feature on our website, you can now access school-specific data for the four Progress Meter statistics that address K-12 education:

Click on any of these categories on the Progress Meter website to search for your neighborhood school to see where it stands in these four categories. 

The data represents key milestones on the path to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all Arizonans. Progress made in each area will ultimately create a more prosperous economy, ensure students have the knowledge and credentials necessary for good jobs and improve the civic health of communities. Each indicator includes additional resources, examples of excellence and ways to take action. Visit the Arizona Education Progress Meter to see where Arizona stands and learn how you can help.

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The Arizona Education Progress Meter launched last month to show where Arizona stands in education on the state and…

Posted by Expect More Arizona on Tuesday, March 22, 2016