Recognizing that too many Arizona students are currently trailing their peers in key academic areas such as reading, science and math, Expect More Arizona sees a significant opportunity to raise the bar with respect to expectations as well as in supporting bar-raising measures at all stages of the education continuum – from birth through career.

“Arizona’s students are growing up in a fast paced, ever-evolving and globally competitive world.  By creating a world-class education system, Arizona can effectively prepare our students to succeed in college and career, and ultimately, to compete with their national and international peers,” said Paul J. Luna, Chairman, Expect More Arizona and President & CEO, Helios Education Foundation.

Creating this world-class system can begin with encouraging students, families and educators to set completing college or other postsecondary program as the ultimate academic goal for all students.  With two out of three jobs of the future requiring some form of postsecondary education, the economy requires that students graduate college and career ready.  To achieve this, Arizona students must be academically prepared at every stage by supporting bar-raising measures such as higher standards and tougher curriculum – both of which foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and strong communication skills.

We already see examples of excellence from many schools across our state, and we believe a world-class system can be a reality for all Arizona students.

“There are schools in Arizona, even those in the most challenging of circumstances, that are competitive with the best in the nation,” said Luna. “There are students who are willing to work hard and challenge themselves, teachers and other educational leaders who hold high expectations for all students, no excuses, and parents who work with schools to build a high expectations culture in the home that reinforces the schools’ efforts.  Now, we need to shine the spotlight on the best schools and programs in our state, learn from what they are doing and emulate them.”

To accomplish this for all schools, Expect More Arizona is rallying parents, students, educators, community leaders to work together to build a shared vision of excellence.

So how can you get involved and help make education in Arizona world class? We have created a series of online resources and tools, and is regularly making presentations within the community, to help parents, families, votes and leaders become educated on the issue and take action.

Resources available include: