Greater Phoenix Leadership and The Southern Arizona Leadership Council have joined together to offer a written statement in support of The Arizona Education Commitment.

Last week, in a statement regarding Arizona’s budget deficit and fiscal crisis, Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL), Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC) and other business organizations across the State identified K-12 education, universities, and healthcare, as areas that are critical to the success of our State in both the short term and long term.

GPL and SALC regard the declaration of the Arizona Education Commitment as a responsible statement of principles to be considered in making decisions regarding the funding of public education. It is consistent with our long standing commitment to public education in Arizona.

GPL and SALC also recognize that a strong health care industry is also an important contributor to the Arizona economy. When it comes to education and health care, the two largest portions of the State’s General Funding spending, addressing Arizona’s financial straits should not be an either or proposition.

We urge our State’s elected leadership to give Arizona’s vital health care and education needs full and fair consideration as they seek solutions that, as we stated last week, “position the State for long term growth and a vibrant economy that creates quality jobs for all Arizonans.” In aligning our ongoing spending and ongoing revenues over the long term, the difficult decisions of where to reduce state spending and where to find the most efficient way to increase the State’s revenue must be made.

Thomas R. Franz, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership
Ronald E. Shoopman, President &CEO, Southern Arizona Leadership Council

Click here to download a PDF of the statement of support.