For the past year, Expect More Arizona has been working to mobilize Arizonans to become a part of the movement to make education a priority in our state. Thousands of parents, teachers, students and community leaders are getting involved, and members are resolved to continue working until our state becomes a national and international model of excellence for education. It has been a productive and exciting year thus far, but the work is just beginning.

The news about Arizona’s education achievements too often highlights our weaknesses. However, that trend can be reversed, as there is power in numbers to impact change, through action and support for a top-notch education system. It will take the dedication of all of our citizens to learn more, do more and expect more of education.

Expect More Arizona recently launched a new multi-media campaign to inform Arizonans about the need to make education a priority and get more people involved in the movement. The message is clear and simple: If we don’t get involved in the effort to put education at the top of the list, our children and our community as a whole will suffer in the long run. The world is moving fast, and to give students in this state a chance in the global marketplace, Arizona must progress right along with it.

A state’s economy and quality of life are directly linked to the quality of its education system. To grow and become successful, businesses – from knowledge-based to service-based – need employees with 21st century skills. Regardless of industry, they need people who can solve problems, work as a team and communicate effectively.

Learning begins in the earliest years and is ongoing throughout life. From the time babies are born, they are learning and absorbing information from the world around them. Although formal education often ends with postsecondary education classes, informal and on-the-job learning continues throughout career and beyond. It only makes sense that everyone works together to ensure the educational experiences offered here in Arizona are the best they can be.

Education is everyone’s business, and it will take all of us to make the change and put Arizona on the list of states and regions with top-notch education offerings.

You can help improve education by taking the following actions:
* Vote for people and policies that support education,
* Get involved in your local schools (even if you don’t have children),
* Join the Expect More Arizona movement to make education a priority by signing up online at
* Stay connected by becoming a Facebook fan at www.Facebook/ExpectMoreArizona and follow us on Twitter at