Actor’s Theatre of Phoenix is known for producing plays that challenge audiences to think about difficult topics in new ways. Their final show of the season takes on the American education system from the perspective of a teacher in New York. “No Child is a one-woman show written and performed by Nilaja Sun, who will recreate her performance for audiences in Phoenix.

Sun plays herself as well as 15 other characters, including students, other teachers and a Capraesque school janitor who watches over the school. First produced off-Broadway in 2006, Sun has performed “No Child” around the world in theatres and at education conferences, winning awards and rave reviews for both her writing and her performance.

Although the play is set in New York, its message resonates here in Arizona and with the Expect More Arizona movement. Sun reflects a league of teachers who expect more. They expect more of students and parents. They expect more of the education system. But, even when the system disappoints, they expect more of themselves and rise to the challenge of educating our next generation of leaders.

The Actor’s Theatre production of “No Child” will run at the Herberger Theatre in Downtown Phoenix from April 23 – May 9. For tickets and information, click here.