Learn what AzMERIT means for your child.

What is AzMERIT?

AzMERIT is an annual statewide test that measures how students are performing in English language arts and math. Although testing is never fun, assessments can be effective tools to support your child’s learning. They can tell you and your child’s teacher if your child is on track to succeed or if he/she needs to spend additional time learning a topic.

Who takes the tests?

Students in public district and charter schools in 3rd grade through high school take the AzMERIT test each spring. For high school students, the test is given at the end of their courses, similar to a final exam.

When are students taking AzMERIT?

The AzMERIT spring semester testing window runs from April 1-26 for the computer-based tests and April 1-12 for the paper and pencil version of the test. Check with your child’s teacher for testing dates, times, and other specific test administration information.

Why do we test?

AzMERIT is like an annual checkup. Just as doctors check height and weight, teachers use the test to check on your child’s academic progress. The information from these tests will provide a constant, objective benchmark you can track over the course of your child’s education.

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Nobody likes taking tests, but a good test provides important information to help your child succeed.