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August 2020 Communications

Elevating Teacher Voices

Our blog series will explore the results of our May survey in more detail, with specific input from teachers across the state. As the pandemic trends shift and schools plan for re-openings, outlooks will continue to evolve. 

  • What Do Educators Want From Sports and Extracurriculars in the Coming School Year?
    As education professionals consider how best to start the school year, many on schools’ front lines are wondering what those decisions will mean for athletics and extracurricular activities. Arts, sports, and clubs play an important role in the lives of youth, giving them outlets for expression, fitness, ways to find friends and develop talents. Hear what educators have to say about how these activities will look like this year.
  • Special Education Faced Special Challenges
    special education needs during pandemic Special education teachers all over the state had their work cut out for them when the COVID-19 pandemic cut the school year short. But many were able to make the necessary adjustments to continue with student learning. SPED teachers from across Arizona weigh in on the challenges of distance learning and ways they were able to keep their students engaged.

Recent Guest Blogs

Innovative Ideas

Arizona’s business and nonprofit community has come together to support our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. From internet providers offering discounted service to JOANN stores making masks for schools, these groups have tapped their strengths for the greater good. Check out our website for a few of the most notable examples of how youth in our state are getting the help they need and share these innovative ideas with your networks to showcase how we can all work together to ensure students succeed. Know of another example? Let us know so we can add to our growing list. Learn more:

Why I Am Voting

In order to elevate the voices of Arizona’s voters to help others understand the ways in which their own vote can make a difference, Expect More Arizona is asking regular Arizona voters – teachers, parents, students, small business owners, community members – to share their reasons for voting in the 2020 General Election. We will be posting these Why I Am Voting quotes on our social media channels from August through November. We’d love your help recruiting people in your network to participate in the campaign. Learn more:

Vote 4 Education

Check out the Vote 4 Education section of our website to find questions to ask candidates on education topics, access a list of key election dates and deadlines, learn how your vote makes a difference, as well as register to vote, update your voter registration, or request a vote-by-mail ballot. Use Expect More Arizona’s online platform to contact the candidates running for a state legislative seat in your district simply by plugging in your name and mailing address.

Social Sharing

  • Asking your candidates the right questions is an important way to make sure they support the issues that matter the most to you. #Vote4EdAZ
  • Bonds and overrides are voter-approved initiatives that generate additional tax revenue to fund projects and operations for local school districts and community colleges. Learn more about how they help education in your community. #Vote4EdAZ

Check out our Vote 4 Education Social Media Toolkit to find avatars, Facebook profile photo frames, shareable images and other social media sample posts.