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Grade by Grade Parent Guides

When you know what your child will be learning in the classroom, you and your child’s teacher can identify when your child needs extra help or a greater challenge.

Use these one-page guides to understand the key topics your child will be learning in each grade and for fun ways to reinforce your child’s learning at home. Be sure to take them to your next parent-teacher conference, along with the questions below.

What AzMERIT Means for Your Child

Questions to Kick-Start the Conversation with Your Child’s Teachers

  • What are the most important topics my child will be learning this year?
  • Can I review an example of my child’s work? Is this example satisfactory? How can it be improved?
  • Is my child on track to be successful in this class? Is he or she prepared for next year, for college and career?
  • What resources are available if my child needs additional help or wants to learn more about a subject?

Other Parent and Family Resources