Teacher and Graduate Celebrations 2020


Last Update: May 11, 2020
Check back often as we will add ideas and resources as we get them. 

The statewide day of celebration for Arizona’s educators was a huge success! Thank you to the sponsors and to every individual, organization and business that participated. For highlights from Arizona Teacher Appreciation Day 2020 visit this page.

Now, let’s keep the party going! Participate in Arizona Graduate Recognition Day on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 (#AZClassof2020)

Arizona’s spring 2020 graduates worked really hard to reach this milestone, whether they have completed high school, a PhD or anything in between. While schools, colleges, individuals and families will undoubtedly find innovative ways to celebrate, we think it’s important to show graduates that all of Arizona recognizes their efforts and accomplishments.

Step One – Help Get the Word Out!

  • We want as many Arizonans as possible to participate in the celebration. For that to happen, we need everyone to help spread the news.
    1. Use the social sharing images below to get the word out to your social media networks
    2. Send a quick email to your friends and family
    3. Keep reminding people of the dates!
    4. Share details of how you plan to celebrate.

Step Two – Let Your Neighbors Know if you are a Graduate

  • Arizonans are sheltering in place, for now, but many of us have taken to walking or biking around our neighborhoods. While many of us probably say hello to our neighbors in passing, perhaps we’re unaware if they are soon-to-be-graduates.
  • Here are some self-identification ideas:
    1. Decorate a front door (or yard tree/bush) with school colors
    2. Make a homemade banner
    3. “A Spring 2020 grad lives here” or “Soon to be a [fill in school] alum”
    4. Decorate car with school colors
    5. Use a shipping box as a yard sign (or window sign) to celebrate a graduate
    6. Make a homemade cap and gown to wear on May 20
    7. AZ Ed News has created a digital yearbook for graduating high school seniors. Add your picture!

Step Three –Celebrate!

Ideas for individuals (If you have school-age kids, get them involved!)

  • Chalk your driveway or the sidewalk in front of your house with encouraging messages for grads
  • Consider personalizing the messages with the names of grads.
  • Live near a canal or park where you often walk, consider chalking there!
  • Here’s a great recipe for homemade (washable) sidewalk paint

  • Display the colors of your neighborhood school(s)
  • Download and print one of our signs and display in a window or on a front door
  • Orchestrate a block driveway party to celebrate graduates
  • Share messages of congratulations/recognition on social media using the appropriate hashtag

  • Families (or graduating classes) could coordinate a virtual graduation party; create school-themed virtual backgrounds that all students can use
  • Support this year’s seniors by sharing your senior year picture (no matter how old you are) on social media as a tribute to the Class of 2020 graduates
  • Make homemade yard signs or banners
  • Orchestrate a neighborhood parade of cars, or simply decorate your own car with signs, balloons, bells, etc. and drive around your neighborhood
  • Orchestrate a time for everyone in your neighborhood or on your block to come outside and bang pots and pans and or clap or play celebratory music
  • Send a virtual e-card to your favorite graduate (American Greetings, Punchbowl, Blue Mountain, and Paperless Post all have free e-card options)
  • Use TikTok to issue a celebration challenge to showcase your dance skill and include the appropriate hashtags
  • Use Nextdoor to share information about the Day of Celebration with your neighbors and encourage them to participate. Maybe make it a friendly competition and coordinate a sidewalk chalking activity (making sure to stay 6 feet apart, of course!)
  • Have a neighborhood association? Be sure to get them involved in the celebrations!
  • Connect with other 2020 graduates on Instagram account @AZClassof2020 (run by student body presidents across the state)
  • Using the appropriate social media hashtags, share pictures or short videos of your celebrations

Ideas for companies/organizations

  • Take out an ad in the local paper recognizing graduates
  • Consider a home page takeover of your company website on May 20 with a message of congratulations
  • Display a sign or banner on the side of your building or light up your building with an image or message, if appropriate
    • Consider printing and hanging banners near any neighborhood schools Arizona Class of 2020
  • Share messages of congratulations on social media using the appropriate hashtag
  • Local restaurants could include a general message to graduates with deliveries or pick-up orders on 20

Ideas for schools

  • Include a note or message in food bags at meal pick-up or display signs at meal pick-up sites
  • Use school marquees to share a message of encouragement
  • Include information in principal or superintendent messages home to students and families about day of celebration
  • Have a principal or student body president issue a TikTok challenge using the appropriate hashtag
  • High schools across the state are recognizing the Class of 2020 graduates every Friday night by lighting up the football stadium at 20:20 (8:20 p.m.) for 20 minutes and 20 seconds

Have other ideas of how individuals or organizations can celebrate? Share them with us and we’ll add to this list as appropriate!