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Sleep (and Learn) like a Baby

by Karen Peifer

We’ve all heard the expression “sleeping like a baby” and know, as adults, good sleep means being well rested and able to think more clearly. But, a new study by English and German researchers shows that napping is tied to babies’ learning, as well. According to the University of Sheffield website, napping helps infants develop …

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Top 8 Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for AzMERIT

by Expect More Arizona

Spring has arrived, which means we’re already nearing the end of another school year in Arizona. It’s time to measure what students have learned and if they are on track and prepared for the next step in their education. This year, Arizona students will be taking a brand new test, called AzMERIT. Think of the …

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High Standards to Remain in Arizona Schools

by Expect More Arizona

Last Friday, Governor Ducey announced the names of the five individuals he has appointed to the Arizona State Board of Education. The board members require approval by the state legislature, but can begin to serve immediately. The full board convened for the first time this morning and Governor Ducey attended the meeting to share his …

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How to Calculate Your Average Speed

by Expect More Arizona

Spring is in the air in Arizona. You can take advantage of our amazing weather and help your child understand a math concept at the same time. Ride your bikes to school today and be sure to take note of exactly how much time the journey takes. This will help you calculate the average speed …

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