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Read Across America Day 2015

How will you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday this year?

by Expect More Arizona

If you’ve ever shared a book with a child, you have experienced the joy and excitement this small but meaningful act can bring. Countless research studies show that reading to a child is the easiest and best way to help him/her succeed in school and later in life. Unfortunately, research also shows that less than …

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A Budget that Fosters a World-Class Education for All

by Expect More Arizona

A strong education system is key to making Arizona a great place to live and do business. Polls consistently show Arizona voters, regardless of political background, believe education should be a top funding priority. We all want excellent student achievement outcomes, which will require long-term strategic investment of additional resources in education, early years through …

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A Day In A German Elementary School

Expect More Arizona President & CEO on Arizona’s SB 1305

by Expect More Arizona

In the news – Expect More Arizona President & CEO spoke to KTAR about SB 1305: “A process to collect that feedback in constructive ways and improve the standards going forward, and make sure that they are right for Arizona and Arizona’s kids is a positive thing,” Esau said. “We are absolutely open to the …

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Find Crafty Teacher Appreciation Ideas on Pinterest

by Expect More Arizona

Across Arizona, talented educators work tirelessly every day to help prepare our students to succeed. Showing your child’s teachers how much you appreciate their passion, dedication, and hard work doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can search sites like Pinterest for inexpensive gift ideas you and your child can create together. We created our …

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Oh, The Places That Babies and Toddlers Can Go!

by Aaliyah Samuel

Next week, classrooms across the nation will celebrate the birthday of famed children’s author Dr. Seuss by hosting reading events for elementary school children. But, did you know that Dr. Seuss wanted a love of reading to start much earlier? It’s even rumored that his most popular book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, was meant …

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Making Progress Together

105 organizations

are partnering with us to make education a top priority in Arizona

55 thousand

supporters of the movement for world-class education in Arizona

93 percent

of Arizonans believe all kids deserve a world-class education

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