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High Expectations Drive Arizona Graduates

by Expect More Arizona

Every single child has the potential to achieve greatness and contribute to the community, provided he or she receives the necessary tools, opportunities and support along the way. The following students, who are graduating this month from an Arizona high school, are testaments to this fact. Austin is a senior at Nogales High School in …

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What if an Arizona college education were ‘as nearly free as possible’?

by Expect More Arizona

The Arizona Republic asked Expect More Arizona President and CEO Pearl Chang Esau and State Representative Paul Boyer what things would be like if colleges were so well-funded they were as nearly free as possible. Pearl explains, “The guaranteed return on investments in Arizona’s education system is a healthy, vibrant and economically sound state. We can …

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New Analysis Reveals “Honesty Gap” in Arizona Proficiency Rates

by Expect More Arizona

Arizona’s Efforts to Raise the Bar with High Standards, AzMERIT Will Provide a More Realistic View of Student Performance An analysis of student proficiency scores was released today that shows a significant gap in AIMS proficiency rates (Arizona’s former assessment) and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the “gold standard” of student assessments. …

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How I Created a Critical Thinking Classroom   

by Jan Ogino

In the last five years, I have learned to teach my first grade students how to think, not what to think. But it wasn’t easy. Feeling I was a critical thinker myself, I thought through what I needed in my own learning environment – different ways to show what I learned, the freedom to make mistakes, an open-minded environment, and …

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