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It will take all of us to make education a top priority in Arizona. Here are more ways you can expect more and do more for education in our state.

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Support Arizona’s students and teachers, Today.
Support Arizona’s students and teachers, Today.

Throughout our state’s history, Arizonans have proven we can do great things when we put our minds to it and work together. Hard work and determination are trademarks we can be proud of, yet our state’s education record is troubling. … Read more »

Bridging the Gap for Latino Students – Now is the Time!

It is an alarming reality that barely half of Arizona Hispanics have obtained a high school education. Latinos still continue to lag behind their white peers in high school graduation rates and overall academic performance.

William McCallum: Engaging students in mathematics

What if we lived in a world where people knew, used and enjoyed mathematics? What if mathematics made sense to students? What if teachers teaching fractions in Grade 3 could tell the story of how fractions flow naturally from whole … Read more »

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